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Paphos on Christmas day(Dec.26 2020)

Paphos Cyprus on Christmas Morning

Enjoy a video recorded on Dec.25 2020 Morning around Paphos.

WHO says no need for major alarm over new coronavirus strain

By Emma Farge and Michael Shields The World Health Organisation cautioned against major alarm over a new, highly infectious variant of the coronavirus that has...

Coronavirus: 69 individuals, four businesses booked

Police booked 69 individuals and four businesses in an effort to prevent an increase in coronavirus cases during the 24 hours from Monday until...

Britain faces isolation as world tightens borders to keep out new coronavirus strain (Update 4)

By Gerhard Mey and Ben Makori Countries across the globe shut their borders to Britain on Monday due to fears about a highly infectious new...

Coronavirus: Cabinet to discuss possible relaxation of measures for Christmas

The cabinet will meet at 10am Tuesday to discuss possible relaxation of Covid measures over the days of the holiday. Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou will...

Paphos,Cyprus Amazing Hiking Trail through the Paphos Hotels and next to the Sea. 4k DRONE VIDEO May.26 2020 Morning. Beautiful aerial views with a drone above hotels of Paphos,Cyprus and above a very calm sea at a sunny morning with...

Paphos,Cyprus Lockdown.May.23 2020. Cyprus RESTARTING.SATURDAY NIGHT May.23 2020. Night time walking to Paphos harbour just 2 nights after Re-opening cafes/restaurants ,etc. Same night after 2,414 covid 19 tests Cyprus shows...



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