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VIDEO:Paphos,Cyprus Lockdown.May.18 2020. Cyprus GETTING READY.

May.18 2020. Beautiful Paphos harbour up to Ricco’s beach in Yeroskipou car driving 4k. Paphos has been a top attraction and must re-visit place for million of tourists every year. For the last 2 months the economy because of the pandemic has been frozen. This video is recorder 3 days before the major re-opening of the tourist business(Restaurants,cafeterias,etc) .

As you can see most cafes and restaurants are getting ready to re-open their business after 2 months on ice. Most people in the video are locals either Cypriots or people living in Cyprus.

As previously stated: Since March.25 2020 Shops were shuttered and streets mostly empty in Cyprus as islanders awoke to the first full day of a four-week, stay-at-home order the government issued to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Previously Cyprus president Anastasiades ordered all citizens to remain indoors unless they have to go to work, pick up food and other essential supplies, visit the doctor or a pharmacy, go to the bank or help others in need.The order remains was in effect until May.04 2020. Latest news:

On May. 21 2020 it will be no restrictions of people movement and all restaurant,cafeterias ,etc will re-open. The infections of Covid-19 have been closed to zero for 2 weeks now. Yesterday May.18 2020 only one infection was recorded.

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