“Chloe Chinese Restaurant is much more than an excellent food or a fun Night out”.

Chloe’s at Harbour, was inaugurated on May 1998, and was one of the first Chinese Restaurants with the dream to offer to his guests, unique and authentic Chinese culinary experience. The idea was captured from Efthivoulos Panagiotou.
To achieve his aim ,  the design team went to the country of  Mandarins and studied in depth the aesthetic approach of the Chinese restaurants, in China.
So today we dare to claim that Chloe’s Harbour offers a genuine Chinese experience that remains unforgettable to his guests.

Well… come and visit us and we guarantee that with our well trained team we will make your  nights unforgettable.

Unique Points:

  • Private parties with Sea view

  • 2 Floors with private functions

  • Wine Cava with huge wine selections

  • Private parrking on the back(call to open)

  • Convenient location at the Harbour of Paphos(Center of Paphos tourist area).

Chloe is an ideal place for parties such as:

  • Group & Birthday Parties

  • Hen Nights

  • Bachelor Parties

Just give us a call so we can help you organize an unforgettable party!

Open: Monday- Sunday 12:00-Late