General about Paphos Municipal Market

Paphos old town market has a long history in the heart of local people.Since we can recall, “agora” (market) was the vivid, colorful spirit of Paphos historical centre and district.

Wandering around the small pedestrians of the market you can get the feeling of the old town as our marketis still a place full of life. Here you will meet the friendly local people, mix with them, ask for their help or have a discussion about any subject you can imagine.

Six days a week hundreds of people (locals and travelers) are walking at the pedestrians or in the indoor market building, shopping around or enjoying a real homemade lunch and a Cyprus coffee at one of the traditional tavernas. The open air fruit and vegetable market is also here for fresh goods coming directly from small village producers to you.

Almost a hundred small shops are also offering a vast variety of goods. Exploring around you can find traditional table clothes, souvenirs, handmade arts & crafts by local artists, jewellery and accessories, wine and traditional Cyprus products, natural beauty products, hand made candles, leather shoes, bags and clothes and anything else you can imagine.

Take photos of this colorful and full of life place and discover some of it’s secret corners where time has stopped or just relax and enjoy the best view and sunset in Paphos.

Discover the real Cyprus essence is an experience you will always keep in your heart.
You will feel like home!!!


  • Visit the traditional open air fruit & vegetable market
  • Mingle with the locals and get the real feeling of Cyprus
  • Enjoy one of the numerous events taking place in the area
  • Discover the old town’s little secret corners and streets
  • Watch the traditional iron smiths, knife makers and straw chair makers
  • Don’t miss the Ethnographical, Archaeological or Byzantine museum
  • Feel the quietness and spirituality of the religious monuments like St. Kendeas church, Ag. Sofia mosque or Turkish baths
  • Explore the more than 100 little shops and galleries around the pedestrians and in the indoor market’s building.
  • Enjoy a like homemade lunch or a cold drink and coffee at the little tavernas and coffee shops
  • Get romantic admiring the most stunning sunset of Paphos