Paphos Thai Boxing / MMA Fight Club

Paphos Thai Boxing / MMA Fight Club was established in 1996.It is maybe the first Muay Thai Boxing academy in the island. The club complies with the rules and regulations of the sports authority of Cyprus.It is also a member of the Cyprus traditional Muay Thai federation (C.Y.T.M.F.) , Kudo Daido Juku international Federation and it is registered and approved by the Cyprus minister of internal affairs.

We are fully committed to mastering the skills and techniques of traditional Muay Thai (Muay Boran).We aim to encourage personal growth and development in each of our students through internal and external martial arts training.The camp is headed by a team of focused trainers who have collectively been involved in muay thai for over 20 years.We believe that Muay Thai enhances physical, mental and spiritual growth in athletes which in turn can lead to self discovery and development.

We have a traditional grading syllabus of 1st – 12th khan according to the Kru Muay Thai association, for those students who want to develop on a traditional grading ladder.We teach a high standard of the battlefield version of Muay Thai which is better known as Muay Boran.We also have a competitive side to the camp, which competes at interclub level, right up to international professional fights.

As a training camp dedicated to traditional martial arts we are not only producing great athletes but more importantly we are keen to produce members who can master themselves through mastering the art of Muay Thai and gain the skills required to excel through their life, at home, in education and their profession. We believe that hard Muay Thai training is an excellent ancient method for transforming oneself into the best person possible and generally our motto is: “The hardest training you endure – the easier the win in the boxing ring”. Our Club has shown and proven it for many years. Many of our fighters both amateur and professional are members of the Cyprus national team with immense victories in Cyprus, Europe and Thailand.

Our Club is based on hard work and intense training programmes to ensure that our fighters will develop the best Muay Thai skills and of course great victories to follow. The instructors keep the standards and quality high in the gym and keep the fighters at high levels!!

Christos Nicolaou the instructor (kru yai degree /black belt kudo) with Boyan Dimitrov (Kru) (Cyprus and Bulgarian champion for numerous years) and Doros Theodorou (kru yai) teaching at Polis Chrysochous are all dedicated to the sport and training in the gym with their fighters. The instructors keep the standards and quality high in the gym and keep the fighters at high levels!!As a revolutionary club we are now combining Muay Thai and Kudo Daido Juku to develop strong, mentally and physically, MMA fighters.

We are Paphos Thai Boxing / MMA Fight Club, join us on the journey of self discovery and learn the amazing art of Muay Thai.